Scope of software engineering around the world

I will try to explain this amazing field of engineering in simple words,What is software engineering and its scope. Software engineering is made up of two words software and engineering, software means the computer associated program and documentation the literal definition of software is the programs that are used by the computer, and the term engineering is defined as the application of scientific principles and methods to the construction of useful structures. Software engineering is a branch of computer science that deals with the implementation of design, maintenance of complex computer program. As more students are enrolling in software engineering program than before Now the scope of software engineering is growing all over the world as people are becoming more associated with technology in their daily. Software engineering is one of a very diverse field which is growing rapidly, scope of software engineering is continuously growing and it will grow in future because there is no end to technology and if need for technology will not end then need to made new software to meet the requirement will not end too hence giving us the reason of a good scope of software engineering even in future too. You can read about software engineering in depth here.

Software engineers are always thought as some kind of magicians. I mean why not? they control the websites. they do the things a normal person cannot think about. These magicians are always in demand and their need will keep on rising as the time passes. have you ever seen a web developer un-employed? or a good programmer who has not earned much respect? So lets discuss the scope of software engineering and how you can change the world by becoming a magician. Although we do not believe in the word “scope of” for some reasons discussed here but we consider this important to get the things discussed clearly.

Scope of software engineering around the world 

Scope of software engineering

Lets discuss the Scope of software engineering in the world. The main reason for this is the growing need for technology and developers  which is of course increasing day by day. software engineering is always known in a world as a field better than any other field as all its practicing professional are earning a very handsome salary. Some world’s richest people are from this field for example BILL GATES, MARK ZUKERBERG, STEVE JOBS, etc are some of the names who were associated form the field in one way or another and they are now ruling the world. It means that the opportunities in this field are endless, Even if you cannot find a good job or a company to work for all you need to have is correct knowledge, interest and even if you can’t do anything you can still become a freelancer, that is why people say that the scope of software engineering Is never ending. There are many freelancers who earn bags of money with their skills and these skills are taught in the software engineering. I am also a freelance php programmer and i have exactly mentioned about my work history in my about me page. I started as a intern web developer back in 2015 and now i manage my own web development company in sialkot, Pakistan. I think that is enough introduction to just give you an overview that scope of software engineering is increasing and increasing day by day.

Here are the names of the top 10 countries which have the best scope of software engineering. and the scope of software engineering in these countries is based on salary, number of jobs available, number of people satisfied from the job, position in world ranking for happy index.

  1. Switzerland with a median annual pay for software engineer – $104200.
  2. Norway with median annual pay for software engineer – $81400
  3. USA with median annual pay for software engineer – $76000
  4. DENAMRK with median annual pay for software engineer $71500
  5. ISRAEL with median annual pay for software engineer – $70700
  6. AUSTRAILIA with median annual pay for software engineer $65900
  7. GERMANY with median annual pay for software engineer $63800
  8. SEWDEN with median annual pay for software engineer $61400
  9. NEWZEALAND with median annual pay for software engineer $59600
  10. CANADA with median annual pay for software engineer – $57500

Above countries with such comforting salary proves the bright scope of software engineering and not only these country where scope of software engineering is great but throughout the world wherever you go you will find a good scope software engineering.

Scope of Software engineering in Developing countries

As Pakistan is developing the scope of software engineering is increasing just like the world which is moving towards automation in all aspect of life our country is moving too, software engineering, computer science, information technology are still relatively comes in the category of new fields in Pakistan and therefore they have grabbed the attention of masses, and big technology companies and software houses are opening in Pakistan some website like Google and Facebook have also opened their companies in Pakistan so the users from Pakistan can reach this website easily and they also offer some of the best job of software engineering this prove that scope of software engineering is not dying any time soon. Even in terms of salary the scope of software engineering is very vast, the starting salaries ranges of a software engineering from 2500 to 40,000 and then after gaining the experience of five year or less their salaries shoot up to 1 lac to 1 and a half lac and keep on increasing with time.

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