Hi, I'm Haseeb a A freelance Web Developer...

I work with Bloggers, Board Admins and Start-ups of all type as a web developer.

I am software Engineer and experienced freelance web developer.I work hard to establish great understanding with my clients and build trust by crafting amazing Web Applications that can help them succeed.

I'm based in Pakistan and have been working with the UK, US and European clients since 2014.

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Some words about me

Haseeb is an outstanding developer. We hired a range of developers to build a custom add-on for xenForo. Haseeb's was the best designed, built perfectly to spec, and for the best value. We're very happy with him, and will immediately rehire him for a larger xenForo project. Highly recommended.

-Chase Amantet

Managing Director

Skilled Seducer
Haseeb did a good job. There were a number of unknowns and changes in this project. Haseeb worked through those changes, was very responsive and stood behind his work. If there were any issues that were found later, he fixed those issues quickly and without charge. I would hire again..

-Josh Williams


Motoring Alliance
Haseeb put in a LOT of hours with us to get our forum implemented. He was always willing to revisit glitches and put in more time to get the job done. Quite patient through frustrating issues.

- Paul Austin


The Third Wave
I have worked with so many developers and struggled to find a reliable xenforo developer. Haseeb created Reviews addon for me that worked like charm.

- Majjed Zeido


World Wide invest
I have been working with haseeb now since 2018.He has coded many custom addons for my forum that are working perfectly. I am very happy i found him

- Mike Ford


Ip Cam Talk
Haseeb's knowledge of Xenforo and Vbulletin is excellent. This is my 3rd project with Haseeb and has never let me down,

- Ankit Jain



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Freelance web developer

I am a freelance web developer and php programmer. Working in the field since 2015 after graduating as a software engineer from one of the top IT institutions of Pakistan. I started working as a php developer at a software house in Lahore Pakistan where i managed to code web applications for around 2 years. I started my career as a freelance php programmer in 2017 when i realized i have gathered enough skills to handle complex web projects at my own. You can read full details about my work experience at my About page.

As a freelance web developer i have coded many web applications and Addons for different clients and companies. You can read about some of my recent projects in the my blog section. I started my development career as a back-end developer working mainly on php based web applications. With the passage of time i mastered front-end technologies and shifted my interest towards front-end development. This shift helped me to handle complex web development projects from scratch, coding great front-end interfaces as well as clean backend code.

I have experience working with WordPress, XenForo, Vbulletin (Not doing well these days), Opencart , Laravel and CodeIgniter. Almost any kind of web application can be coded with the correct selection of a technology. I do not only code your web application. As a freelance web developer i propose you the best solution with complete discussion and proper proposals to help you with the correct technology selection.

I am an experienced freelance web developer and php programmer. From custom php web applications to using top Php frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel. I can strategically design and develop web applications that elevate your brand and communicate your message effectively. I can get your application done using best practices and technologies. I have mentioned complete list of services that i provide in the section below.

Feel free to hit me up using the form below if there is anything that you would like to discuss with me .

Services as a Freelance Web Developer

Web Designing

I am professional freelance web developer having expereince working with both front-end and back-end Development. I can create amazing user interfaces using latest technologies to help you show online presense in unique way..

Web Development

I do not only create amazing layouts. I give them life by coding the backend functionality using Php programming language. As a freelance web developer i have coded different Addons and custom web applications for diffrent clients..

Website Maintenance

With the advent of new technologies and frequent updates rolling out frequently, It is very difficult for Webmasters to find a reliable web developer. I can help you upgrade your web applications and resolve the bugs that come out with the server upgrade.

XenForo Developer

I have worked with different technologies and frameworks. Since last two years i have been working with different clients who have well established communities. I have been helping them with custom styles and XenForo addons. I am expert with importing data to xenforo from other Forums.

Wordpress Developer

I started my career as a wordpress developer. Wordpress being most popular Content managment system and most favored technology for rapid development have evolved so much in some recent years. I can fulfill your custom Plugins and Theme development needs.

Laravel Developer

Gone are the days when web developers had to create complete web applications from scratch. Getting your web application coded on most popular framework help you finding the suppport and Web developers easily in future. I can code complete web applications Laravel and CodeIgniter.

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My specialities

Here are some of my specialities and achievements as a freelance web developer...

  • Positive attitude.
  • Top Rated Freelancer.
  • Great at Time management.
  • Qualified Software Engineer.
  • Deep and Broad Technical Experience.
  • Experience working with diverse technologies.
  • Experience working with companies and individual clients.

Lets Disucss

    My work procedure

    I try to understand and code your idea to deliver better than what you expect..!!

    • Project Discussion
    • Research and Proposal.
    • Project Timeline Discussion.
    • Frequent updates and Discussions.
    • Testing at Sandbox and Staging site.
    • Programming with best Technologies.
    • Complete Ownership Delivery and Documentation.