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I work with Bloggers, Board Admins and Start-ups of all type as a web developer.

I am software Engineer and an experienced freelance web developer. I work hard to establish great understanding with my clients and build trust by crafting amazing Web Applications that can help them succeed.

I’m based in Pakistan and have been working with the UK, US and European clients since 2014.

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Josh Williams

Haseeb did a good job. There were a number of unknowns and changes in this project. Haseeb worked through those changes, was very responsive and stood behind his work. If there were any issues that were found later, he fixed those issues quickly and without charge. I would hire again.


Motoring Alliance

Paul Austin

Haseeb put in a LOT of hours with us to get our forum implemented. He was always willing to revisit glitches and put in more time to get the job done. Quite patient through frustrating issues.


The Third Wave

Chase Dumont

Haseeb is an outstanding developer. We hired a range of developers to build a custom add-on for xenForo. Haseeb’s was the best designed, built perfectly to spec, and for the best value. We’re very happy with him, and will immediately rehire him for a larger xenForo project. Highly recommended.

Managing Director

Skilled Seducer

Majjed Zeido

I have worked with so many developers and struggled to find a reliable xenforo developer. Haseeb created Reviews addon for me that worked like charm.


World Wide invest

Mike Ford

I have been working with haseeb now since 2018.He has coded many custom addons for my forum that are working perfectly. I am very happy i found him


Ip Cam Talk

Ankit Jain

Haseeb’s knowledge of Xenforo and Vbulletin is excellent. This is my 3rd project with Haseeb and has never let me down



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Freelance php programmer

I would like to welcome you at my profile section,I have mentioned my complete work history from my software engineering career to becoming a freelance php programmer in this document that makes it large. But it have tried to make it interesting and short.

My Education:

After graduating in 2015 with Bachelors degree in Computer Software Engineering from Comsats institute of information technology Lahore, (NO.1 IT institute in Pakistan) I started working as a freelance php programmer. While i was a student i loved to code in C programming language and Java. I coded many small code snippets in both programming languages before i started coding in PHP. Because PHP was very much alike C programming i grasped the syntax in very less time. I started doing small web projects while i was a graduate student. Although i had low overall CGPA but i was happy with my final degree because the Final year projects and gpa in Programming subjects was enough for me to land a high paying job as a php programmer in 2015.

My Professional career before i started as freelance php programmer:

I was offered a high paying job as a php programmer at a company based in Lahore Pakistan. At Techno Souls i got chance to work on real world php based projects. Initially my responsibility was to code some small modules/plugins for wordpress. I enjoyed coding for real world applications. There i got a chance to work with servers and how to manage the Apache servers. With in 6 months i grasped the full concept of wordpress  plugin development and Apache servers management. But i wanted to learn as much as i can and there was only way to do that i.e Switch the company to learn new skills related to php development.

I switched the company in 2016 and started working as a front-end developer in a new setup. That was a small company although my main focus was to become a php programmer. learning these front end technologies was a plus point. Working at a small company means you have to manage all your work without help from seniors. That was awesome experience. I started creating custom websites using HTML/CSS and Javascript. Although these languages were new for me. But i knew it is important to learn front-end development along with php programming. I had a low salary there as compared to old company but i knew its going to pay me much more if i execute the plan correctly. After 6 months i realized i am good enough to code the websites layout.

In the mid of 2016 i joined a new company. I got a job as senior php developer. There i had to work as full-stack web developer. I had to code complete custom php applications from scratch.  That was the time when actual learning was started for me. I coded many secure custom php applications using some php frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel and zend. I started as a freelance php programmer at various freelancing sites like FiverrFreelancer and Upwork. That was the time when i had to work for almost 15 hours in a day.

I worked there for 1 year and joined a new company in the mid of 2017 where i worked as an addon developer for XenForo forum. XenForo is a php based forum software. That was kind of a different and new experience. That was my last company when i started working as a full time freelance php programmer

These days i am working as a full time  freelance php programmer and web developer for my existing clients and companies, Also i am managing my own web development company in sialkot BwLogics. This is a joint venture between me and my partner with some best remote php programmers from different parts of the country.

Freelance Php Programmer For Custom Apps

I can do php programming to code custom web applications from scratch. Also i can fix the existing custom coded php applications that are broken or needs to be updated. Since the launch of php 7.0 many existing applications badly need code improvement and updation. There are many benefits of updating to php 7 as discussed here in this post. This is something that i have done for different people recently. But i admit, this is really a hectic process. The code i write is well documented and easy to understand for new developers. Either a small module or simple form validation i can provide the professional solution for any such issue. I also support freelance front-end developers with their php programming projects..

Freelance Php Programmer For Code Upgrade

First of all i want to congratulate you for you success in online business, Because most of the times new features are only needed when existing applications are not good enough to support increasing user base. New features are essential to provide great user experience and to win more business, Because if you do not upgrade your competitors would surely do. Coming back to the point, this is something that i can efficiently do as a freelance php programmer. I can add new functionalities to your custom coded php applications or the ready made scripts that you have already bought from a marketplace. It is very important to modify the look and feel of a purchased script to jump in the market as unique business.

Freelance Php Programmer For Laravel

WI have experience of web development using Laravel, CodeIgniter and Zend frameworks. These are most popular PHP frameworks and most of the modern web applications are programmed using these frameworks. I used to work on different frameworks but with the launch of Laravel it became the php market leader. Every second person wanted his brand new application coded in laravel for its awesome features.This is something i can do professionally and i have coded applications using this frameworks for different webmasters. Even if you have difficulty in deciding which framework to use i would recommend you to hire a php freelancer who works on laravel. It would be very easy for you to enhance your application in future and freelance php programmers are easily available for this.

Freelance Php Programmer For WordPress

How can a php programmer miss out WordPress? While millions of extensions are already created for WordPress in the form of plugins, still it is very much possible that something that you are searching for your web applications is not already coded. I can code WordPress plugins, widgets and custom pages to match your existing design and requirements.

Freelance Php Programmer For XenForo

Online Forums and communities are growing day by day and so are the forum softwares, people are no longer much interested to use Facebook groups. With its awesome features and ability to be extended with the help of add-ons and custom styles. Since the launch of XF 2.0 its users are increasing. I have been working with different forum owners and companies for coding custom xenforo 1 and 2 addons.

Freelance Php Programmer For Website Maintenance

If you are looking for someone to maintain your company websites or other stuff that involves php programming or general web development, i can help you with that. I have been working as a regular website maintenance expert for different entrepreneurs and companies who prefer to oursource their work.

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