Hi, I'm Haseeb a A freelance Web Developer...

I work with Bloggers, Board Admins and Start-ups of all type as a web developer.

I am software Engineer and experienced freelance web developer.I work hard to establish great understanding with my clients and build trust by crafting amazing Web Applications that can help them succeed.

I'm based in Pakistan and have been working with the UK, US and European clients since 2014.

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freelance web developer

Let's Discuss..!!!

Contact Me

Feel free to leave a message if you want to start a web or forum development project with me.  Here are some ways i can help you with:


  • XenForo addon development.
  • Import forums to XenForo.
  • Custom addons data import
  • Laravel development.
  • Custom web development.
  • WordPress Development.


My specialities

Here are some of my specialities and achievements as a freelance web developer...

  • Positive attitude.
  • Top Rated Freelancer.
  • Great at Time management.
  • Qualified Software Engineer.
  • Deep and Broad Technical Experience.
  • Experience working with diverse technologies.
  • Experience working with companies and individual clients.

Lets Disucss

    My work procedure

    I try to understand and code your idea to deliver better than what you expect..!!

    • Project Discussion
    • Research and Proposal.
    • Project Timeline Discussion.
    • Frequent updates and Discussions.
    • Testing at Sandbox and Staging site.
    • Programming with best Technologies.
    • Complete Ownership Delivery and Documentation.